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Thing's I'm afraid to tell you...

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For the easily distracted...: Thing's I'm afraid to tell you...

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Thing's I'm afraid to tell you...

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For the easily distracted...: Thing's I'm afraid to tell you...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thing's I'm afraid to tell you...

{old photo -taken with my Yashica Samurai and Lomo CN 400 film}

Last week I saw Ez from Creature Comforts mentioned on her Twitter about a 'Thing's I'm afraid to tell you' blog challenge inspired by Jess from Make Under my Life's post of the same title

So here are a few silly and some serious things that I'm afraid to tell you:

~  If I didn't dye my hair, it would be very grey. I like it dark though, so it stays dark. But I do hate when my roots start to show. Also why people want to dye their hair grey is beyond me... ~

~ Sometimes I think about taking on sponsors again so I could buy a really expensive handbag, but usually I change my mind quickly back again. Hangbags (or shoes) are not a good reason to have sponsors really. Also, what if no one took me up on it haha, that would be awkward. ~

~ I hate the TV show Friends ~
(you'll be amazed by how many people get upset about that) 
(really, though, I hate it!)

~ Sometimes I wonder if you are just being nice and really my photos aren't that great, I'm not really very adventurous with them, I tend to play it safe and sometimes I worry that makes them boring (and that in turn I am boring.) ~

~ I still feel like this a lot of the time when it comes to blogging, apart from 800 is actually a lot scarier!  I read through your comments on that post often which helps,
you are all incredibly amazing btw. ~

~ I'm irrationally terrified of The Hulk, but I love Mark Ruffalo - I still haven't figured out how I feel about this
(We still haven't seen the Avengers though, maybe I'll figure it out after that) ~

~ I often wonder how people manage to stay so in control, be so reserved etc. I always feel like my emotions are flying apart - I get angry quickly, little things bother me (like bad manners), I sob at movies (proper ugly crying and for ages too -  I cried for hours after watching The Brothers Bloom) but at the same time, things make me laugh easily, I'm quick to smile and I love completely. So I think there's balance... just. ~

~ I'm heartbroken about my little LC-A not working properly, more than I probably should be about a camera. ~

So there we go. I'm an emotional wreck, sceptical of my own abilities and I have complicated feelings about The Hulk. (Also, I don't get the hype about Zooey Deschanel... I might as well throw that out there too.) And I perhaps use brackets and exclamation points in blog posts too much.

  I think Ez's post will be up a lot later than mine (time differences and all that) but do check out her blog - there will also be some other amazing bloggers taking part in this challenge and I personally can't wait to see what everyone has written.

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Blogger Alycia said...

i also hate Friends! i never got into it and still can't lol. this is a good idea for a post. i'd love to participate too :)

3 May 2012 13:31  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Hurray, I'm not alone :) ohh, do take part, I'd love to see what you write x

3 May 2012 13:39  
Blogger Deb said...

Regarding your 4th point - personally I never say I like something if I don't, and my comments are always genuine. I like that your photographs often have a similar feel to them - that's your style - you don't have to be adventurous with them if that's not what you want - just be you, that is who we like :-) xxxx

3 May 2012 13:49  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Thank you Deb, I always appreciate your support and your honesty. I wasn't doubting anyones integrity, mnore my own abilities I guess.

3 May 2012 14:03  
Blogger Angel said...

I ordered the split-cam months ago and it came broken. I was sooo upset (and a little mad) I still have it. (and they never sent me a new one) I don't like having cameras that don't work. It bugs me so much and I was so excited to use it too!

3 May 2012 14:05  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Oh no, that sucks, I've been thinking of getting one of those too. It puts me off taking photos for a while when things like that happens, have you looked on ebay for one? They are pretty cheap on there.

3 May 2012 14:21  
Blogger Caroline said...

I'm just like you! I know my flaws and I tell everyone (e.g. the stuff about brackets). I feel that by telling people what's wrong with me they can't tell me themselves which will lead to me bawling my eyes out and going back to bed for several days. Nice honest post though it's nice for your readers to see that they aren't the only ones that feel the same way x

3 May 2012 14:36  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Thank you, I'm glad I took part :) I do love the brackets though... its a blogging weakness perhaps? I think its better to know and accept your flaws than to hide from them, as you said, someone will say something in the end and then you won't be able to avoid it.

3 May 2012 14:53  
Blogger daisychain said...

I love posts like this!

(and no one is being kind, your photos ARE stunning. always)

3 May 2012 16:27  
Blogger hannah singer said...

rhianne. this is great, bravo for sharing. and guess what? i hate the show friends, too. ha! i hope your day is a beautiful one! xo

3 May 2012 21:37  
Blogger steven andrew said...

I would LOVE to take part in this, this is such a great idea.
You are my favorite photography blog, by far. I am so inspired by your photographs, I can't even begin to tell you. I always play it safe and I guess we should learn to really push ourselves, but you seem to do great!

3 May 2012 22:51  
Blogger Casey said...

I hate Friends, too! I don't identify with any of the characters and I think they're all annoying. HA! How's that for honesty? :)
Good job sharing so honestly. I enjoyed reading your post.

4 May 2012 02:22  
Blogger Kristin said...

I actually kinda did a post similar to this a few weeks ago and didn't know a thing about EZ doing it. I love your photos, and i love looking at your blog to see them. I know there's a place here where i can see what type of photos which camera takes before i choose to purchase one, and that helps! And i have really gray hair too, which i should probably dye more than i do. Oops!

4 May 2012 07:07  
Blogger Rhianne said...

I really enjoyed it - I'm more worried that I'll want to write things like it all the time now lol. thank you Laura xx

4 May 2012 08:46  
Blogger Rhianne said...

I'm glad I'm not alone, it seems the more people I tell the more people who are willing to admit it also. Thank you :) I hope your day is beautiful too.

4 May 2012 08:47  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Thank you Steven, that really means a lot, I'm glad you love them so much. Definitely take part, I would love to see what you write :)

4 May 2012 11:22  
Blogger Rhianne said...

I'm a little more worried that I could identify with parts of them, what does that say about me? :)

thank you for visiting and commenting

4 May 2012 11:23  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Urgh grey hair is the bane of my life - I will admit to being excited about it being fully white eventually though - perhaps I'll dye it purple or something! I missed that post, I'll try and find it!

4 May 2012 11:24  
Blogger aDeLiNe said...

You hate 'Friends' ?!?!
That's ok, I still like you :)

4 May 2012 20:04  
Anonymous Natalie said...

What the what. I was typing this big long reply and I hit some keys accidentally and it was gone. I hope it didn't post the comment in the middle of a sentence.
Anyway. I was just stopping by to say that I hate Journey, and I get the same reaction you do for not liking Friends. Yeah. What's wrong with people. It's just a band.

Thanks for writing this! I'm finding this whole big series to be very inspiring. I just posted my own and I'm nervously awaiting reaction :-/

4 May 2012 21:24  
Blogger Steffi said...

I cry a lot in front of the TV as well. I'm glad, I'm not the only one. ;)

5 May 2012 09:36  
Blogger Magali said...

Oh thank you for this post! (I'm gonna write one in a day or two! :))
We are NOT just being kind. Your photos are great!
I know how you feel about the LC-A, I'm sorry. I had to go through three La Sadinas, the flash didn't work properly in any of them. I was so heartbroken, I loved the look of that camera & was one of the first to order it. I will admit I'm a little jealous when I see other people with it.

5 May 2012 20:03  
Blogger Sophie Davies said...

It's OK, I hate Friends too.

5 May 2012 20:27  
Blogger Haylee said...

Oh my gosh, Finally some one who shares the same opinion of Friends as I do. I honestly thought i was the only one on earth who didn't like it.
Oh and you NEED to see the Avengers. Seriously I loved it and I usually hate action/boy movies. ha, it was really good though.

6 May 2012 04:19  
Blogger Gracie said...

I really love these posts that are popping up. I love the honesty and the rawness of the content. I think there are things we are all afraid to share and being in a the blog world it's soo hard not to compare yourself to others. I think your photos are great and you should keep on going with it x

7 May 2012 07:36  
Anonymous Jess said...

Several thoughts: I dislike Zooey Deschanel and don't get the hype either. Friends is distracting because of the studio laughter. And you might like The Hulk a little more after you see The Avengers, which was fantastic.

P.S. Beautiful photography!

P.P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

8 May 2012 02:09  
Blogger Rhianne said...

:) haha, it's ok, I still like you for liking it.

8 May 2012 11:57  
Blogger Rhianne said...

You hate Journey, amazing! I used to like that one song, but then Glee ruined it for me (I guess I'm telling you that I don't like Glee now too lol) it is just a band, I agree.

I'm heading over to read your post now, thank you for your kind words

8 May 2012 12:00  
Blogger Rhianne said...

I cry at everything lol, you're definitely not alone :)

8 May 2012 12:01  
Blogger Rhianne said...

It's so funny you say that about the Sardina because I still haven't warmed to mine, I don't think you have much to be jealous of - but I do feel the same when I see people with working LC-A's definitely. I'm looking forward to seeing your post x

8 May 2012 12:02  
Blogger Rhianne said...

:) I'm beginning to feel like this could be a new trend lol

8 May 2012 12:03  
Blogger Rhianne said...

We are not alone :)

8 May 2012 12:03  
Blogger Rhianne said...

Thank you and you're very welcome.

Haha the studio laughter is awful, I'd forgotten about that. A lot of people have said he's likeable in The Avengers to me, so I'm going to have to be brave I think.

8 May 2012 12:05  
Blogger Rhianne said...

You're right definitely and thank you love x

8 May 2012 12:05  
Anonymous chloe said...

i often feel exactly the same about my photos & blog:
~ Sometimes I wonder if you are just being nice and really my photos aren't that great, I'm not really very adventurous with them, I tend to play it safe and sometimes I worry that makes them boring (and that in turn I am boring.) ~

i do like your photos however ;)

9 May 2012 00:26  
Anonymous ZoĆ«, Conversation Pieces said...

Wow, I'm going to have to check out this series... not sure I'd be brave enough to do one myself, I've got too many, many weird fears about so many things! On the hulk thing, I'm terrified of zombies (honestly in quite a major way) but Mark Ruffalo as a zombie I could maybe handle ;) On the photos, *shakes head* nope definitely not just being nice, super jealous sometimes though ;) x

9 May 2012 15:04  
Blogger Mandy said...

This is a really great post! Props to you, friend, for putting these things out there. (I, too, hate Friends.) I'm now thinking of doing one of these myself!


10 May 2012 18:04  
Blogger Jenny @ Stuff I Love said...

I relate COMPLETELY with swinging between emotional extremes. I get angry quickly (but don't stay angry for long) and I cry very easily at movies, but I also laugh easily, get excited easily, and definitely love completely, so I think we have a balance. Maybe we just feel more, or are more comfortable with showing emotion, you know?

14 May 2012 20:42  

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